Making Ends Meet

Session 1: Dead Alchemists Never Lie
How many of these things do I have to kill?

Our story begins with the young Half-Orc Barbarian known only as Bane. He has recently arrived in the large trade city of Port Azure in search of something but he doesn’t know exactly what yet. He overhears a tavern conversation of a missing alchemist and substandard guards (are there any other kind?) failing to retrieve said alchemist. Seeking to break the boredom, Bane undertakes a quest to find this man. He finds his way up to a series of caves filled with giant spiders, shadow creatures, and mysterious murderous humanoid cave dwellers. Despite several close calls, Bane slaughters them all only to discover that he is too late. The guards and the alchemist lie dead with only the alchemist’s journal left behind to provide a clue as to why.


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